Everything we eat, what we are and what we do affects those around us and our environment extraordinarily and often irreversibly.

If you are inattentive, the new year brings you the opportunity to focus on an issue of utmost importance: climate emergency and inherent migrations and the role that each of us plays in the development process. In fact, a lifestyle able to ensure a fairer, more dignified and more sustainable world.

We have prepared a video for you, which tells the story of this cycle and its effects, in which we are all participants in the first person-condition.

This is the time for change and we are still on time.

#ClimateOfChange focuses on the role of climate change in current and future migration trends, as well as on factors such as poverty, conflicts, economic conditions, and the degradation of ecosystems.

Feel free to see for yourself. We participated in the construction of a new home for this project, a user-friendly website with all the information that you need, which you can find here.

We also have other activities, films, tours, festivals and multiple events that will be the stage for joint and inspiring action. All this information is available on the IMVF social networks, you can search for #ClimateofChange.

We want you to know that you are not just one more element, but a fundamental part of the change that we have achieved together. Involvement is essential to achieving sustainable lifestyles and a shift to a sustainable model of human economy within our planetary boundaries.

Do not be left out. We want you to be an active part of the change that begins now. Do you accept this challenge?

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