As part of EUGreen Week 2021, dedicated to the “zero pollution ambition” for a healthier planet and people, the IMVF is promoting a home composting workshop, Há Horta na Mouraria, on 9 June at 10.30am in Largo da Rosa.

Home composting is accessible to all. In this workshop, we will learn how to make compost at home by learning how to make seed bombs and thus understand, through a waste treatment/value enhancement process (composting) that consists in the degradation of organic matter under controlled conditions, how we can obtain a nutrient-rich compost that can be used, among other purposes, as fertilizer.

Because life sprouts in the most unlikely places, these bombs can be dropped on vacant lots, in parks, abandoned gardens, on the bare flowerbeds that we find all over the urban landscape or even planted in your garden.

This event will be broadcast live on IMVF’s Facebook page and on Renovar a Mouraria’s Facebook page.

Join us in a practical activity in favour of ethical and sustainable food systems, sow seeds and be part of the change!

We count on your presence.

This event is promoted in the framework of the pan-European campaign Our Food. Our Future pan-European campaign in partnership with Renovar A Mouraria.

European Green Week 2021 is an opportunity to bring together interested citizens with the common goal of making the ambition of zero pollution and an environment free of toxic substances a reality.

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