#GoEAThical – Our Food. Our Future

European youth stand up for sustainable food supply chains that respect migrant workers’ rights and reduce climate change, hunger and poverty as key drivers of migration.

#GoEAThical change for the better and feel good about it!

As global citizens of the EU, it is our responsibility to take on the challenges that the world faces. Migration and climate change are at the top of EU citizens’ shared concerns (of development).

Our food system has an enormous influence and impact on climate change and causes of migration (poverty, hunger, etc.). To guarantee a sustainable change in attitudes and behaviours by more than 30 millions young Europeans, we will start from the analysis of food production and consumption systems and show glocal interconnections, established between themes and that demonstrate, plainly, that we all have a starring role in the promotion of more just, dignified and inclusive world.

Check the campaign’s official website: https://ourfood-ourfuture.eu/


In an active and innovative manner, we will seek to commit European youth to European development policies that contribute to the mitigation of global challenges of migration and climate change and sustainable food production and consumption. We will strengthen the promotion of fundamental European values of human rights and solidarity, as well as the capacity to analyse interdependent relationships established at a glocal level.


From March 2020 to August 2023 we will promote an intense pan-European campaign for the promotion of a sustainable supply chain, to contribute towards the mitigation of climate change and the support of a dignified migratory policy. Through studies, action laboratories, contests, tours, petitions, seminars, lectures, festivals and many other initiatives and by using methodologies and strategies that are participative, dynamic and impact oriented, we shall sensitize and mobilize young Europeans, aiming to guarantee a system of food production and consumption that is more just, decent and sustainable.


Our strategy is geared towards guaranteeing the promotion of sustainable attitudes and a change in behaviour of the target groups and final beneficiaries. We will engage and enable young Europeans, by using participatory approaches and methodologies to transform young people into key actors of development and campaign dissemination.

Because we are referring to a campaign for a young audience, an intense work in communication for development will be developed, geared towards the dissemination of narratives dealing with the interconnections between themes of Education for Development and Global Citizenship (EDCG).

Multimedia and social media tools shall be preferred. All the campaign’s work will be grounded in a solid research based on knowledge and analysis and powered by a network of partners with a vast and important role in the promotion of Global Citizenship topics.


To increase the knowledge and engagement of young Europeans in the promotion of values of solidarity and human rights, as well as their ability to face the global challenges of migration, climate change and promote a sustainable food system.

In accordance with the pillars, “People” and “Planet” of the New European Consensus on EU Development and the 2030 Agenda, the #GoEAThical” campaign will mobilize young Europeans to adopt sustainable consumption patterns and actively support sustainable networks of supply of food products, fair trade chains, respect for human and workers’ rights and sustainable development, through improved institutional and business policies at EU and member states level.

The European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR), supports projects that engage the European Union public in worldwide issues of social, economic and environmental development.



Manifesto: Challenging The Broken Global System

Report From Brazilian Farms – To European Tables – Socio-environmental Impacts and Labor Violations in Brazil-EU Agricultural Supply Chains”

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