Most of the food we buy at supermarkets and discount stores involves human rights violations, environmental degradation, and various forms of injustices. It reaches us via supply chains that exploit smallholders and workers, especially women, while
exacerbating the climate crisis. Many workers in global food supply chains are migrants making a living under precarious, exploitative and dangerous conditions. We have reasons to call those slave-like conditions!

Who is ruling these conditions?

Big, global food companies and European supermarket chains are increasing profits with little regard for human rights, the environment, and thus our collective future. Furthermore, legislators are failing to hold these companies accountable for the harm caused by their business practices. The system has historically developed to favour Big Business and disadvantage smallholders and workers. While supermarkets’ profits are at record levels, smallholders and migrant workers fight for their existence! During the pandemic, workers along the supply chains are being exposed to even higher risks, are losing their jobs and ultimately, are let down by the decision makers of food companies.

We won’t accept these conditions anymore

We are an international coalition of civil society organisations bringing together young people from across Europe. Jointly, we raise our voices and call for justice! In solidarity, with migrant workers, smallholders, and human rights activists around the world, we challenge the status quo and stand up against these intolerable conditions.

Our vision is a socially just and sustainable food system. A food system, which is human rightsbased and driven by agroecological principals. In this new system food sovereignty has become reality. Standing in solidarity our mission is to fight for decent working conditions for all agricultural workers, to advocate for living wages and incomes, to improve the rights of migrant workers and to stop the climate and environment destroying practices of food companies and supermarkets. To bring change we rely on our creativity, our empathy, our vision of change and on the unity of the European Youth.

Read the full manifesto here.

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