The community nº 90, from the Grouping 522 Coz, from the Núcleo do Oeste, Lisbon Region, will represent Portugal, in Brussels, after winning the national debate tournament of the #ClimateofChange project.

The final of the debate tournaments of the #ClimateOfChange project took place this weekend, promoted by IMVF in partnership with the National Department of Environment – National Secretariat for Environment and Sustainability, on the theme “Climate Change and Migration”, with the aim of promoting in young people the ability to investigate, structure arguments and debate, while allowing them to deepen their knowledge on the topics under discussion.

After the internal round of debates at CNE (Corpo Nacional de Escuteiros), two teams were selected to participate in the two following stages of the project: the national final (debates in Portuguese, on Saturday 19th) and the Debate Day (debates in English, on Sunday 20th). Extremely relevant and sensitive topics were debated, such as the responsibility and obligations of the countries that pollute the most, climate migrations and carbon neutrality in the European Union.

The Pioneiros from Coz 522 and the Pioneiros from Évora 320 were the two teams representing the CNE, who did excellent performances throughout the tournament!

On Saturday, our youngsters debated with other school teams, in several rounds of debates, to be selected the national champion, having won this tournament a team from Colégio São João de Brito, Lisbon.

On Sunday, the two teams from CNE entered the competition again, but this time with debates in English. It is with great pride and happiness that we announce the victory of the 522 Coz Pioneiros team in the Debate Day tournament, which thus became the Portuguese team selected to go to Brussels for the Pan-European debates in November 2021.

Our young pioneers who participated in this project gained an incredible experience and gained in-depth knowledge about very relevant and disruptive issues in our society, thus being more empowered and ready to act for the future of our planet. We thank all those who accepted this challenge and congratulate you all for your performance and dedication!

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Adapted news. Source: Escuteiros portugueses vencem Concurso Nacional

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