Community Management of Fountains in the Cazenga Community and consolidation of the Tala-Hady Commune – Development Cooperation – Angola


The project promotes access to basic social services through enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of water supply services rendered by residents’ associations in the urban (and peri-urban) areas. It does so by creating/ strengthening residents’ associations that manage fountains (AMOGECs) at the Cazenga Popular Commune and sustained support to 8 AMOGECs of the Tala Hady Commune. The project will enhance the monitoring quality of the service, namely access to water through public fountains, services rendered to the communities through a partnership between residents’ associations (AMOGECs/ Civil Society Organisations), Commune Boards and the Municipality (Local Authorities) and also the supplier of that public good (a public company) contributing to an accountability process. 






improve environmental sustainability contributing to the improvement of drinking water supply in peri­‑urban neighbourhoods of the city of Luanda

Specific: ensure the implementation of the New Model of Community Management of Fountains (NMGCC) in the Municipality of Cazenga Popular, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the provision of services by the AMOGECs.











Direct: 5 Residents’ Associations for the Management of Community Fountains (AMOGEC) in Cazenga Popular, for a total of 5 managers and 62 caretakers; 3 AMOGEC in Tala Hady, a total of 3 managers and 30 caretakers; members responsible for water supply in the municipality of Cazenga Popular and in Tala­‑Hady (women and youth), accounting for approximately 180,000 people; 16 schools in Tala­‑Hady and in Cazenga (more than 24,000 people)

Indirect: 1,349,000 inhabitants of Hoji Ya Henda (3rd municipality of Cazenga) and the public company Águas de Luanda, EPAL





•  Rehabilitation and reconstruction support of 5 AMOGECs: construction of head offices, with material support for its operation and legalisation;

•  Implementation of 62 fountains in the 5 AMOGECs of the Cazenga Popular Commune supported;

•  Implementation of 30 fountains in the 8 AMOGECs of the Commune of Tala -Hady supported;

•  Promotion of 136 coordination meetings among the local administration (communal and municipal), the water supplier (EPAL Luanda, E.P.) and the community (residents and water consumers) and other actors;

•  5 AMOGEC in Cazenga Popular set up, with the nomination of the President and of the caretakers. In addition, drafting of diagnosis of all existing fountains: the 30 best fountains were identified in the commune of Tala -Hady and 3 AMOGEC were selected;

•  Technical assistance to the 8 AMOGECs, as a direct response to its communal administration, and design of a training plan for the leaders of AMOGEC and caretakers. With this training plan, it is intended for the leaders of the AMOGECs to be trainers of caretakers in order to ensure the
model’s sustainability;

•  Promotion of trainings targeting AMOGECs leaders: 28 days, 83 training hours and an average of 7 participants;

•  16 training actions addressed to the fountains’ caretakers: 32 hours of training and an average of 23 participants per event;

•  Development of tools for fountains management addressed to AMOGECs and caretakers, such as systems for recording water consumption and revenues, alongside with the deliverance of 2 training manuals;

•  Daily technical assistance at the fountains, associated with awareness raising actions within the community, in particular the consumers. Along with the water points, schools and health centres have benefited from a programme of awareness and information on personal, environmental and public health. In total, there were 253 lectures and 54 theatre sessions covering directly more than 24,000 people;

•  Support towards the rehabilitation and improvement of 92 fountains (including railings for protection);

•  Supporting the launch of 4 AMOGEC stores that sell products related to the water supply, hygiene and sanitation and promotion of 21 training initiatives on management of shops, in a total of 46 hours;

•  Development of various communication tools: radio programmes, posters, pens, backpacks, rulers, etc., with messages about public health (dengue, malaria, diarrhoea), environmental (litter in the trash, recycling, sanitation, cleaning of the fountains) and conflict management (organization and collection of water in the fountains);

•  Promotion of a joint action with schools and local administration for installation of garbage dumps to reduce dumping in the open as a practice harmful to human health and the environment, with the installation of 130 units (240 -litre containers of 1,100 litres, respectively);

•  Introduction of cistern tanks in 15 schools within the municipality and providing direct support with over 201,000 litres of water




Board of the Tala Hady Commune and Board of the Cazenga Popular Commune, Cazenga Municipality