Decentralised Programme for Food Security – PDSA II (STP)

Sao Tome and Principe

The project aims at answering the need to create local production markets and at the same time secure adequate nutrition for children at nurseries and primary schools in the country. This is the result of a participative diagnostics conducted with several organisations and the work with local producers and processers.




contribute to Food and Nutrition Security of the Sao Tome and Principe population

Specific: enhance national food production, creating markets for its distribution













Direct:  600 producers and processors and 20 organisations of the Civil Society for Food Security Network of Sao Tome and Principe (RESCSAN).

Indirect: approximately 40,200 children benefiting from the National Programme on School Health and Food (PNASE).





• Boosting of the cassava “filière” (value chain);

• Follow -up of the technical and financial activities of the “Cooperative Nova Luz”, in the Margarida Manuel community;

• Support the production of cassava derivatives: cassava flour, cookies, filipotes and bleguês;

• Follow -up of the technical and financial activities of the “Cooperative Terreiro Velho”, in the Autonomous Region of Principe;

• Registration of the cassava producers;

• Completion of construction of 1 solar dryer for drying cassava -derived manipueira that can be used in animal food and as a fertilizer;

• Enduring the activities to strengthen the national provision of products to the PNASE;

• Follow -up of the activities with the horticulturists of the communities of Saudade/Quinta das Flores, Rio Lima, Blublu, Amparo II, Mesquita, O quê maquina, Água Casada, and São Bernardo and Príncipe;

• Provision of agricultural inputs to farmers supported by the project;

• Promotion of the 1st National Forum on Trading and Cooperatives 16th – 20th March;

• Boosting of innovative technologies for the promotion of Food Security;

• Improvement works and equipment of the Pulps Unit;

• Execution of works and equipment in the Processing and Trading of Fish Unit to support the increase of fish processing and its supply to school meals;

• Boosting of political coordination areas between State and civil society, in the field of Food Security;

• 2 meetings of the Extended Council of Project Monitoring;

• Carrying out advocacy initiatives alongside the Government with other Civil Society partners concerning the implementation of the school meals programme, from a perspective of strengthening the local food supply chain.




Federation of NGOs of São Tomé and Príncipe (FONG)