Decentralised Programme for Food Security – PDSA II

Sao Tome and Principe

The project aims at answering the need to create local production markets and at the same time secure adequate nutrition for children at nurseries and primary schools in the country. This is the result of a participative diagnostics conducted with several organisations and the work with local producers and processers.




Contribute to food security and nutrition of the São Toméan population.

Specific: Valuing national production and creating markets for its distribution.










Direct: 600 producers and processers and 20 organisations of the Civil Society National Network for Food Security and Nutrition – RESCSAN. The final beneficiaries are 40,200 children that participate in the school food and health programme.

Indirect: The general population of S. Tomé and Príncipe due to increased national production. 






  • Cassava Rows Streamlined to promote food security.
  • Study on the production of Cassava;
  • Consolidation of Cooperatives Nova Luz and Terreiro Velho;
  • Technical assistance to Cassava producers;
  • Support to the creation of distribution channels;
  • Sub-regional exchanges.
  • Strengthened supply of national products to the National School Feeding and Health Programme.
  • Definition of a Food Supply Programme together with the World Food Programme, WFP and the National School Feeding and Health Programme;
  • Creation of Supply Centres;
  • Príncipe Community Production Unit;
  • Support to the National Nutrition Programme;
  • Exchanges
  • Innovative technologies for the promotion of food security streamlined.
  • Tomato processing unit
  • Príncipe coconut oil processing unit
  • Support to fish processing
  • Political consensus meetings between State and Civil Society Organisations concerning Food Security facilitated.
  • Creation of an extended Project Monitoring Council;
  • Technical assistance for the implementation of the new National Strategy on Food Security;
  • Support to the operation of the Civil Society National Network for Food Security and Nutrition of São Tomé and Príncipe, RESCSAN.





Federation of NGOs of São Tomé and Príncipe (FONG)