Go Local for Coherence – Campaign for the promotion of Development and Sustainability

Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria

The campaign Go Local: towards a Sustainable city aims to encourage Municipalities to follow a road of sustainability and support them to be an active voice in Development at a Glocal level. Only then, it will be possible to give an efficient, effective and legitimate answer to the challenges and opportunities with which communities and nations all over the world are faced.

Because sustainable Development is a shared responsibility, what will be your role?

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Overall: to promote coherent development policies at glocal level and to mobilise active participation in MDG’s achievement and poverty reduction;

Specific: to enhance Local Authorities as a key actor in sustainable development and decentralized cooperation for development.


Direct: 225 officers and decision makers of 15 Portuguese, 20 Andalusian and 10 Bulgarian LA – from a total of 702 LA informed;

Indirect: 180 local civil society stakeholders – schools, universities, organisations, private sector, public institutions, individual citizens – and European public opinion, targeted through national/local media & web 2.0 communities as strategic dissemination groups.




  • Management & Evaluation (Constitution of Steering Committee, Secretary Office, Transnational Advisory Council, LA Focal Point and Local Steering Groups, monitoring 5 Goals implementation);
  • Glocal Advocacy and Visibility (Ongoing visibility strategy during all project, motivate LA to join and increase projects within 5 Goals);
  • Training and Monitoring (Diagnosis, Training and Local Streamline for joint monitoring of progress);
  • Networking and partnership building (Multiplier effects and Capacity Building in EU dimension and N/S interdependency).



Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional (FAMSI), IDEAS (Iniciativas de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria) and National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB)



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