“Museo Mundial”: Global Learning in European Museums 

Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany


Overall: to contribute to the dissemination and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

an innovative approach of embedded Global Learning in European museums motivates 90.000 visitors of museums in Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Portugal to support the MDGs.


Direct: Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs), museums technicians, museum visitors, population of Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries.

Global Activities:

• Collection, analysis and dissemination of best practice examples on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in exhibitions of world museums;

• Design and dissemination of one methodology of Global Learning to be incorporated in the museums;

• Creation and implementation of 10 interactive, creative and innovative tools about the MDGs and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Portugal, in the Municipal Museum of Loures/ Quinta do Conventinho, which are part o f the permanent exhibition of the museum: “Every child counts”, “Knowledge is power”, “Saving a mother is to save the world”, “Health for all”, “Zero Hunger”, “Fair Purchases, Worthy Lives”, “For every woman, for all of us”, “Green planet, sustainable future”, “Water is life” and “Our food planet”;

• Development of an educational activities’ guide that contributed to the creation of educational and interactive tours for students, teachers and visitors in general, at the Municipal Museum of Loures/Quinta do Conventinho;

• Organisation of the official opening week of these installations at the Municipal Museum of Loures/Quinta do Conventinho: creative, educational and training activities on GCE addressed to municipal civil servants, museum visitors, policy makers, teachers, students, NGDO staff and cultural mediators;

• Elaboration and dissemination of 1 e-book including all installations created by partners and the common learning process throughout the project;

• Elaboration and dissemination of 1 manual on incorporating Global Citizenship in museums;

• Project presentation in several national and European conferences;

• Training events with museums’ technicians, in order to disseminate and implement GCE in museums.


Loures Municipality, IPL-ESEL, Fine+p, Natural History Museum of Nuremberg, DEAB, National Agriculture Museum of Prague, EDUCON, Hungarian Railway Museum, Baptistaid and History Museum of Budapest