Integrated Support Programme for Sao Tome and Principe’s Education Sector

Sao Tome and Principe

An integrated intervention in 3 components:  

  • Initial Teachers’ Training;
  • Continuous and on-the-job Training of Secondary School Teaching Staff (grade 7 to 12);  
  • Support the Portuguese and Mathematics teaching in the Autonomous Region of Principe. 


  • Improve Sao Tome and Principe’s education system; 
  • Develop Secondary School Teaching Staff’s skills and qualifications;  
  • Promote the development of institutional competences of the University of São Tomé e Príncipe (USTP) and the Ministry of Education and Higher-Education (MEES); 
  • Improve Sao Tome and Principe’s education system, especially regarding the school administration and management. 


  • Directors and Technical Staff from the central and district services of the Ministry of Education and Higher-Education (MEES) 
  • Pedagogical Supervisors 
  • Subject Coordinators  
  • School Managers 
  • Education Inspectors 
  • Secondary School teachers 
  • University of Sao Tome and Principe (USTP) 
  • USTP teachers involved on the Initial Teachers’ Training  
  • Continuous and On-The-job Training of teaching staff Office 
  • Secondary School and Technical-Professional Education Authority (DESTP) 
  • Educational Innovation and Planning Authority (DPIE) and Internal Education Service (IGE) 
  • Students from the Initial Teachers’ Training for Secondary School teachers 
  • Students from Sao Tome and Principe (grade 7 to 12) 


  • Reviewing the Initial Teachers’ Training; 
  • Updating the didactic training component; 
  • Reviewing and updating the supervised pedagogical practice component; 
  • Supporting the pedagogical implementation and supervision of teaching internships; 
  • Promoting USTP’s Teaching Staff professional development; 
  • Improving labs, library and long-distance learning classrooms’ resources and tools;
  • Developing research regarding the project’s activities;
  • Supporting USTP, specifically the academic and administrative services and the professional development of its staff; 
  • Supporting the development and consolidation of the Continuous and On-The-job Training of teaching staff Office
  • Reviewing and/or elaborating guidelines for the Continuous and on-the-job training
  • Supporting technically and logistically the secondary school pedagogical supervision sector;
  • Providing continuous training, concerning didactic, pedagogical and scientific aspects on the following subjects: Portuguese, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Biology and English, with close monitoring of subject coordinators and teachers, with the development of pedagogical materials (regarding the training scope); 
  • Supporting quality, efficacy and efficiency development of school administrative and management processes; 
  • Supporting the Internal Education Service (IGE) in implementing the school internal and external evaluation; 
  • Developing an evaluation system proposal for the teacher’s performance; 
  • Supporting Portuguese and Mathematics teaching in the Autonomous Region of Principe; 
  • Providing and implementing an innovative program On-the-job training of high-school teachers in the Autonomous Region of Principe, in collaboration with the USTP. 



05/02/2020 | New Education Project in São Tomé and Príncipe