New Horizons for Specialised Care and Telemedicine in Guinea-Bissau


According to the WHO, “Digital technologies are an essential component and an enabler of sustainable health systems and Universal Health Coverage” (Global strategy on digital health 2020-2025). With this in mind, IMVF has been investing in telemedicine through its projects, as a tool to overcome bottlenecks in health systems and solve problems related to the lack of professionals, as well as training and care needs, making it possible to progressively strengthen the capabilities and autonomy of health professionals in multiple areas of the healthcare chain. 

Considering the shortages of specialised care faced by Guinea-Bissau, the PIMI III+ project aims to implement a telemedicine system in the country, which will integrate equipment and complementary means of diagnosis for 10 medical specialties. This platform will serve not only to support diagnosis and consultations, but also for the ongoing training of local health professionals, thus helping to improve the provision of care in the country by improving the diagnostic, assistance and training capacity of health professionals. 

Along with telemedicine, PIMI III+ will promote short-term medical missions to provide specialised assistance and on-site training for local health professionals, in addition to the training and support provided remotely via the aforementioned platform. 

This project will be implemented with funding from Portuguese Cooperation and in partnership with Guinea-Bissau’s Main Military Hospital (HMP). 




Overall: Contribute to the improvement of healthcare provision in Guinea-Bissau. 

Specific: To strengthen the Guinea-Bissau Main Military Hospital’s capacity for diagnosis, assistance, and on-site and remote training. 




Health professionals (physicians, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, technicians), administration, management, information system and electromedicine technicians and/or health equipment maintenance technicians assigned to the Main Military Hospital of Guinea-Bissau. 


The entire population of Guinea-Bissau: 2,105,566 inhabitants (2022)