Programme “No Pintcha pa Desenvolvimentu”

Guinea Bissau

The Fight Against Poverty National Strategic Document (DENARP) recommended a larger and more active participation of guineense Non-State Actors (ANE) in the development process. This program seeks to answer this recommendation, benefiting from the experience acquired through the pilot-project “No Na Tisi No Futuru”. 




contribute to good governance strengthening

Specific: ensure the strengthening of participation, consultation and commitment of Non­‑State Actors (NSA) having in consideration the Development challenges.












Direct: Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from GuineaBissau, Non­‑governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community based Organisations (CBOs), Human rights associations, unions, networks, platforms, and media.





• Holding of 8 thematic djumbais: “Good internal Governance of CSOs”, “Guinea -Bissau: challenges of a structural transformation agenda post -round table”, “Labour legislation in GuineaBissau”, “The Right to land in Guinea -Bissau”, “Natural resources, protection of forests and rivers”, and “Women leadership”;

•  Holding of 2 cine djumbais: “Equality and gender equity” and “Female genital mutilation – female circumcision”;

•  Launching of the study “The media in GuineaBissau”;

•  Running of the 13th meeting of community radios and televisions;

•  Implementation of 4 modules of the advanced training programme: good internal governance of CSOs; communication and visibility (classroom
training, custom training sessions and exchange of experiences in small groups); human resource management and labour law and equality and gender equity;

•  Production of 4 training manuals for advanced training modules;

•  Implementation of Ubuntu Academy in GuineaBissau, within the framework of the services agreement awarded to the Institute Padre António Vieira and organisation of 24 events in the framework of strengthening the leadership skills of Guinean youth, including seminars and trainings;

•  Funding of the initiative of the Women Peace and Security Network within the CDEAO (Economic Community of West African States) – REMPSECAO -GB in the framework of support to CSO and implementation of the training Bridge – Building Resources in Democracy, Governance
and Elections on the “Introduction to election administration, election observation, and election systems”;

•  Conducting training programmes for community radios; Portuguese language workshops; thematic workshops for journalists and training by the Protocol Centre of Vocational Training for Journalists in Portugal (CENJOR) of 6 training modules in the area of television, radio, written press, graphic design and paging, training for supervisors and editorials and improvement of radio, aimed at media professionals of Guinea -Bissau;

•  Production of 6 training manuals: training guide of Portuguese language workshops; radio manual, design editorial manual, press manual, TV manual, managers’ manual;

•  Launch of the 3rd regional contest (phase II) and 4th contest – Good Governance, call for proposals;

•  Contracting of 22 grants, including: (i) 5 contracts within the framework of the 4th EU -PAANE invitation; (ii) 15 contracts in the framework of the 3rd invitationphase II; (iii) financing of community television “TV Klelé” for the execution of a project of reinforcement of the 4 community TVs in Guinea -Bissau and preparation and dissemination of information products; and (iv) financial support to social entrepreneurship projects of the Ubuntu Academy’s 1st edition;

•  Support the creation of the Association of Professional Women in the Media;

•  48 support missions in proposals writing for funding; 101 meetings of support and follow -up and 43 support meetings for the inscription or registration update of the project in the PADOR system (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) of the European Union.




Execution: contracting authority – Ministry of Finance, FED National Authorising Officer /Management and Execution – IMVF and CESO