Programme Strengthening Decentralized Actors

Cape Verde (Island of Maio) and Sao Tome and Principe (Municipality of Água Grande)

Contribute to the creation of mechanisms for participatory democracy that foster the strengthening of local government in the fight to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.





Overall: –
Contribute to improving the quality of life of people through the strengthening of local authorities in Sao Tome and Cape Verde as an agent of the dynamic local, and consequently national, development; Contribute to the promotion and encouragement of a conscious and participatory social fabric in the two territories; Contribute to the promotion of the local economic sector as an instrument for poverty eradication and a sustainable development engine.

Specific: to promote in Sao Tome and Principe and Cape Verde strengthening of civic participation and empowerment of local authorities, while as agents focus on local sustainable development and social Animation.













Direct: Local government leaders and technical staff; leaders and technical staff of local civil society associations, technical staff of the Serviço Autónomo de Água e Saneamento (SAAS) of Cape Verde, approximately 1196 of the Maio Island, the Calheta, Morrinho and Cascabulho localities, approximately 2250 inhabitants of the Oque del Rei (Sao Tome and Principe) locality and approximately 12 000 people of the entire district of Água Grande, technical staff of the Office of Local development and young entrepreneurs.

Indirect: Approximately 68 987 people: the population of Água Grande (approximately 61 087 people) and the population of Maio Island (approximately 7 900 people).






  • Local government training
  • technical training and training of municipal staff
  • guidance for municipal education and training
  • integrated Local Development Plans
  • equipping local government departments
  • networking / sharing good practice (South-South/South-North)
  • Promotion of citizenship and participation channels 
  • training of leaders and technical associations 
  • promotion of mechanisms for dialogue and participatory debate
  • Optimization of  network and water quality 
  • creation of a laboratory for bacteriological analysis
  • training in analysis and control of water quality 
  • optimization of the water supply networks
  • Dynamization of the local economic fabric
  • support for Local Development Offices in strengthening small business units
  • training in income generating activities
  • support the implementation of income generating activities




Execution: Loures Municipality with IMVF / Partners: Agua Grande district (Sao Tome and Principe) and City Council of Maio (Cape Verde)