Overcome the Pandemic in the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente and Maio

Cape Verde

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the world, Cape Verde was no exception. The cancellation of all national and international travel and economic activities directly and indirectly linked to tourism, in a short period of time, have put the survival of small restaurants and accommodation units, as well as small agro-food processing units, at risk. Mitigating the effects of the pandemic on sectors directly and indirectly linked to tourism is a priority to overcome the effects of the pandemic on unemployment and poverty.




Overall: mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local economy in Cape Verde.

Specific: supporting the restart of economic activity, in a secure manner, on the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente and Maio.


Direct: tour operators (guides, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels); entrepreneurs, associations and cooperatives indirectly linked to tourism (agri-food, cultural agents); artisans; young people and women, their associations and cooperatives from the islands of Santo Antão and Maio.

Indirect: populations of the island of Santo Antão (38,750 inhabitants) and Maio (about 7,000 inhabitants).




Adoption of anti COVID-19 security measures by companies

  • Production of a manual with good hygiene and safety practices with specific measures for each sector;
  • Training actions for restaurants, lodgings, guides, drivers and agri-food producers;
  • Promotion of local production of masks;
  • Digital production of visors;
  • Distribution of protective materials to economic activities in contact with the public.


Increased training of companies to restart the activity

  • Adaptation of companies for the adoption of anti covid-19 security measures;
  • Training action in social network management;
  • Online platform with voucher campaign for internal consumption.


Strengthening tourism promotion

  • Production of 2 promotional video spots;
  • Digital marketing campaign.


Raising awareness of preventive measures

  • Radio awareness campaign;
  • Dissemination of preventive measures on social networks;
  • Dissemination of preventive measures with street animators.