Support to Management and Organisation of the Municipalisation of Health Services in the Republic of Angola,Bié and Benguela

Angola: Province of Bié: Kuito, Andulo and Camacupa; Province of Benguela: Benguela, Lobito and Ganda


Overall: the legislative reform, health financing and the relations with the private sector, the reinforcement of information systems, and human resources management and planning/training , are among the axis of the ongoing concrete actions. The municipalisation of the health sector comprises a process of partial administrative and fiscal decentralisation, through transferring  some of the funds to the Municipal Administration, in the framework of an ongoing global decentralisation process within State Administration.

Specific: support the organisation and management of the municipalisation process in 3 municipalities per province: in Benguela, the municipalities of Benguela, Lobito and Ganda, and in Bié, the municipalities of Kuito, Andulo and Camacupa.


Direct: the health network of Benguela, which includes 187 heath infrastructures, and the health network of Bié, with 102 heath infrastructures

Indirect: residents in Benguela (around 2.036.662 people) and residents in Bié (around 1.338.923 people).


  • AEDES – L’ Agence Européenne pour le Développement et la Santé