City of Youthopia

Portugal, Slovenia, Latvia, Romania and Italy

City of Youthopia –  a project created by young people for young people

Utopia refers to ideal on something that is almost unreachable. With a youth exchange, we will try to come closer to the ideal based on our views, needs and solutions, which we will search together during the course of the youth exchange.

Combining the power of 27 young adults from different countries in a youth exchange, of which the central theme is a zero waste concept and sustainable practices, an online interactive platform will be created, which will include practical advices on how to bring simple and small solutions closer to sustainable practices and to integrate them into institutions and our everyday life.

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Young people aged 18 to 30 years old.




  • Identification of problems and finding suitable solutions;
  • Developing the ability to think critically in a creative way and to encourage youth to become engaging and active citizens;
  • Strengthening solidarity and empathy among young people and admiration of belonging to the European and the global community;
  • Familiarization of young participants with the Erasmus + program.




The main aim of this YE is to bring together 27 youth from different countries and through different nonformal activities give them space to find their own solutions towards more sustainable practices on individual level as well as on the level of institutions (library, cafe, tourist info office, educational institution…). Output will be (simple) online interactive platform with solutions/ideas individual and institutions can take in order to become more sustainable, ethical, zero waste.




  • Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia);
  • Zala Briviba (Latvia);
  • Mai Bine (Romania),
  • GVC (Italy)



10/12/2018 City of Youthopia: a sustainable youth exchange in Maribor, Slovenia

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