The delivery of agricultural materials and inputs to cocoa producers is part of the productive component of the Sustainable Territories for Peace in Caquetá project, Colombia and seeks to support producers in the cultivation process through the application of organic inputs to improve soil quality and control pests and diseases.

The delivery of agricultural materials and inputs was done according to the producers’ profile. The 50 producers of organic cocoa were delivered biological compounds with microorganisms and minerals and other components validated by the certifying institution, with the objective of making bioprepared to be applied in pest and disease control. A pump was also donated for the application of these products, of a purely biological nature and a thermometer to monitor the production process of the bioprepared products. The organic production method, focusing on sustainability and the implementation of agro-ecological practices is particularly encouraged and fostered within the production component. The 90 quality cocoa producers supported by the project also received compounds for the production of preparations for fertilization and pest and disease control and thermometers.

An application plan with detailed explanations of the fertilisation process, weights and methods of use and application was also delivered.

The delivery took place from December 9 to 20, 2019 in strategic areas of the municipalities of La Montañita, El Paujil and Doncello. This activity was very well received by the producers who highlighted the quality of the products sold and the response they provide to their needs.

The Sustainable Territories for Peace in Caquetá project is implemented by IMVF and Red Adelco and financed by the European Union Trust Fund for Peace in Colombia, cofinanced by Camões, I.P., and has contributions from the local government of the Caquetá Department and the municipalities of La Montañita and El Paujil, as well as private Portuguese companies present in Colombia.


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