Sustainable Territories for Peace in Caquetá





Contribute to the consolidation of a stable and lasting peace in Colombia through the strengthening of socio-economic and environmental development in the Amazonian territories, fostering, together with territorial entities and social organisations, the improvement of local capacity for the production, processing and marketing of fine and flavour cocoa and by-products, in a profitable and competitive way,in territories affected by the armed conflict, promoting environmental conservation, social inclusion and the consolidation of a culture of peace and legality.


• Develop agricultural practices that aim at preserving the environment and introduce key crops in a sustainable context of agricultural diversification.

• Promote reforestation through the implementation of integrated agroforestry systems and the reinforcement of associations of indigenous food crops aiming at strengthening their own models of food sovereignty.

• Add value to the products of the region’s main production chains (cocoa, coffee, banana and sugar cane) through the strengthening of agroindustry processing systems and a strong focus on gender participation.

• Promote the marketing of intermediate and finished products and enhance the value of regional brands.

• Strengthen the institutional capacities of the governments of Paujil and La Montañita Municipalities for development and peacebuilding.

• Promote town-twinning opportunities between local communities and European municipalities and connect governments’ structures and local institutions to international networks of municipalities and research institutes.

• Strengthen the organisational, administrative, technical, financial and social capacities of local entities, especially women-led organisations, and community-based social movements for social inclusion and empowerment.

• Strengthen the political participation and civic engagement of citizens in the Municipalities of El Paujil and La Montañita.

• Improve rural livelihoods through the provision of public goods adequate for a community-based living.

• Construct and/or rehabilitate road, productive and social infrastructure.



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