Ivan Duque, President of Colombia, visited the Caquetá Department in Colombia in early February on a mission that sought to publicize the progress of public policies on territorial development in the areas affected by the armed conflict. During this visit, he was present at the site of the cocoa processing plant, built by the Sustainable Territories for Peace in Caquetá project, with the support, through the provision of materials, of the Mota Engil company.

The delegation that accompanied this mission visited several initiatives taking place in the municipality of El Paujil, consisting of a special representative of the European Union for the peace process, the European Union Ambassador to Colombia, Patricia Llombart, the director of a UN mission to verify progress after the conflict, the Governor of the Caquetá Department, Arnulfo Gasca Trujillo and Alcaldesa de El Paujil, Ludivia Hernández Calderón.

The cocoa processing plant, which is being built by the project, was part of the “route” of this visit, as an example of the efforts of the European Union and Portuguese Cooperation for the peace process in the country, by promoting a regional value chain, job creation and strengthening of the economic fabric in the region.

The members of the entourage, accompanied by the press and representatives of the project team, visited the construction site of the factory, talked to the workers and contributed, symbolically, with the laying of bricks, demonstrating their support for this initiative.

The Sustainable Territories for Peace in Caquetá project is implemented by IMVF and Red Adelco and financed by the European Union Trust Fund for Peace in Colombia, cofinanced by Camões, I.P., and has contributions from the local government of the Caquetá Department and the municipalities of La Montañita and El Paujil, as well as private Portuguese companies present in Colombia.


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