Join EU movements #ClimateOfChange and #OurFoodOurFuture, civil society and all who care for people and the environment to raise your voice. 

#HoldBizAccountable #Rules4Corporations


The European Commission is finally ready to consider a new law to hold businesses accountable for their impact on society and the environment. These rules on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence should require all companies, from fossil fuel giants and agribusinesses to fashion retailers and electronics makers, to establish effective policies to make sure human rights and the environment are not being harmed in their global operations and supply chains.

This means demanding that companies which subcontract or purchase supplies from abroad ensure that their entire supply chain respects human and environmental rights. This involves eliminating all forms of exploitation, especially of vulnerable groups such as women and children in fragile countries, where the protection of rights is most at risk. 

This law would also eliminate unfair competition between companies that respect communities and those that gain a competitive edge because their practices are based on social and environmental injustice.  


The European Commission has opened a citizen consultation to ask each one of us for our opinion on this new law by 8 February 2021: take this opportunity to participate and make a global impact on our future. Each voice counts towards the approval of the law. 

To facilitate your participation you can access a pre-compiled form with which you can express your support for the law by 8 February 2021. 

Or you can fill in the form yourself on the European Commission’s website, also by 8 February 2021.


This action is in the framework of all our rganizations’ global efforts to promote and protect human and environmental rights, in synergy with the project objectives of #ClimateOfChange.

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