Most of the food we buy in the supermarket contains two harmful ingredients: human rights abuses and environmental degradation.

Workers are exploited, small producers are dispossessed and evicted, forests are cut down, water is wasted, animal and plant species are decimated, pesticides destroy nature.

The problems reach our plates through global supply chains.

The global food system is controlled by big companies and chains that want to maximise their profits.

With the #OurFoodOurFuture campaign, we will fight for new laws and business practices that end the injustices of our global food system.

It was in this context, that IMVF and Associação Renovar a Mouraria, in the context of #EUGreenWeek2021, streamlined a seedbomb workshop and a workshop on composting.

The seedbomb is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes the cultivation of plants by throwing balls made of clay, plant substrate and seeds.

Because life sprouts in the most unlikely places, these bombs can be thrown in wasteland, in parks or abandoned gardens, or even in the bare flowerbeds that we find all over the urban landscape. They can also be planted in your garden.

Throughout the workshop on seed bombs we reflected on the need to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and talk about ethical and fair food.

If you also think that we can no longer tolerate the injustices that characterise the current food system, then join the #FeedTheFuture movement: plant a seed and let the world know what for!

These initiatives were promoted under the #GoEAThical: OurFood.Our Future campaign and funded by the European Union’s DEAR Programme, and also supported by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua.

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