The TAS – Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis – Migration Labs project has been promoting the values of European citizenship and the improvement of the conditions for civic and democratic participation at the European Union level, reaffirming the values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and combating existing stereotypes and prejudices on migration and minorities.

Through the work of collecting and recording in video format life stories of migrants in Portugal, the project TAS – Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis – Migration Labs sought innovative ways to promote citizen participation and engagement with the community, consolidating the existence of new narratives. Real narratives in the first person, without filters, of people who accepted to share moments and stories that are part of their life journey. Generous people for sharing, for making themselves known, and, who knows, for inspiring the young ones.

#1 Life Stories | Sollange Binhã, the Founder

“I’m ready for new challenges.”, Sollange Binhã, 40, Guinean.

The departure from Guinea-Bissau. The refugee camp in Senegal. The arrival in Portugal with refugee status. The impact of this event on her life. The history she built in Portugal. The Founder.

#2 Life Stories | Jeffrey Luna, the Pilgrim

“The love for the family is more important than anything else.”, Jeffrey Luna, 52, Venezuelan.

The insecurity experienced in Venezuela. Leaving the birth country. Making a fresh start in Portugal and difficulties experienced. Job challenges. Family sharing. The legacy to be passed along to his children. Religion as spiritual peace. The Pilgrim.

#3 Life Stories | Filomena Farinha, the Culture Passer

“Everyone wants to have a flag, everyone wants to be a part of a place.”, Filomena Farinha, 54, Angolan.

The 3 homelands: Angola, Portugal and Brazil. The departure of Angola. The passion for Portugal and the happy childhood in her father’s village of Mortágua. Moving to Brazil. The family nucleus and the figure of Dona Estela. Setting up her company. Returning the welcome felt in Brazil. A Portuguese woman, born in Angola, with a Brazilian accent. The Culture Passer.

#4 Life Stories | Rochele Nunes, the Judoka

“I´m a person who loves to live, I like to live intensely.”, Rochelle Nunes, 31, Brazilian.

Moving to Portugal to practice judo. Missing her family. Overcoming difficult moments. Her positivity and optimism. The joy and intensity of life. Discipline and focus. Judo as a lifestyle. The Judoka.

#5 Life Stories | Felizmelo Borja, the Activist Student

“I started living with immigrants, seeing where they lived and going to their houses, I found that the conditions were not normal and I started talking about it.”, Felizmelo Borja, 25, Guinean.

The closure of the University where he studied in Guinea-Bissau. The choice of Portugal (Alentejo) to continue his studies. The search for work to pay for his studies. The arduous work in the fields. Contact with migrants in the region. The creation of the channel “Mente Saudável” (Healthy Mind), in which he reflects on migration and racism and motivates his compatriots to seek better living conditions. The Activist Student.

#6 Life Stories | Lina Ramos, the Go-Getter

“I am a person who, as long as I am healthy whatever I need I can get it. I can, because I will fight for it. That’s how I am.”, Lina Ramos (“Grandma”), 51, Guinean.

The departure from Guinea-Bissau after the war. The arrival in Portugal and the family support. The work at CP – Comboios de Portugal. The continuous investment in her studies. The involvement in the Associação dos Filhos e Amigos de Farim (AFAFC) and the fight to end female genital mutilation. The constant search for what she wants and believes in. The Go-Getter.

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Videos: Gustavo Lopes Pereira | Âmago

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