Migration Labs

Through this project we aim to support principles of EU citizenship and to promote an improvement in civic and democratic participation at EU level, reaffirming values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combatting existing stereotypes on migration and minorities.

Our activities are mostly directed at young adults, political decision makers and other stakeholders from partner countries. The tasks envisage to raise awareness of EU policy-making processes, in particular migration, and to boost opportunities for social and intercultural participation and volunteering.


To encourage EU citizenship and to foster an improvement in means available for civic and democratic participation at EU level, by developing mechanisms to ensure a refinement in comprehension of EU citizens on the processes that shapes EU policies on migration and constructing specific moments of social and intercultural participation and volunteering.


Over the course of 18 months, we will analyse narratives, misconceptions and stereotypes relating to migrants and refugees, xenophobic discourse, hate speech and anti-immigration propaganda, by organizing WorkLabs, debates and roundtables.

In redacting a recommendation paper to EU decision makers, we will work in strict collaboration with our beneficiaries and use an axis-based approach: thesis, antithesis and synthesis.


The activities intend to bring a positive impact to the EU Agenda on migration and integration, targeting young beneficiaries and the general population, in a cross-border dimension, all while establishing direct and indirect contact with stakeholders who influence EU policies, in particular those of migration.


The activities will be arranged through an online platform and WorkLabs and shall privilege:

  • Participatory methodologies of Global citizenship education
  • Creative techniques, including design thinking
  • Methods used in Signal Detection Theory


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