Ianda Guiné! Galinhas

Guinea-Bissau: regions of Cacheu, Oio, Biombo, Autonomous Sector of Bissau, Gabu and Bafatá

This project aims to contribute to the development of the poultry industry in Guinea-Bissau, creating opportunities for socio-economic development. The project builds upon the experience of previous projects, financed by the European Union, namely: “Nó pui asas pa disinvolvimentu – Promotion of the poultry industry in Guinea-Bissau” and “Nô Fia na Crias – Integrated Cooperative and Community System for Poultry, Derivatives for the Region of Cacheu”.

Both aimed to contribute to food and nutrition security in target regions of Guinea-Bissau by providing animal products as well as products of animal origin (chickens and eggs). Each project promoted the creation and development of a poultry social company: CEDAVES and Piu Piu Awara. The current project, in addition to supporting the development of these companies, will support new poultry farmers, as well as contribute to the promotion of complementary services to breeders and to the poultry industry (associations between poultry farmers, para-veterinary network, training, health care, para-veterinary pharmacy network, etc.).


Overall: Contribute to food and nutrition security in the target regions of Guinea-Bissau.

Specific: Contribute to the structuring of the poultry industry in Guinea-Bissau, promoting opportunities for socio-economic development.


Direct: Local micro, small and medium scale community or family producers; poultry professionals (individuals, companies, and associations); production centers and their associates (universities, research centers, agricultural producers, etc.); technicians of the participating State institutions; and veterinary and para-veterinary.

Indirect: Population of the target regions, in particular women.



Availability in quantity and quality of essential inputs of the value chain.

Strengthening the technical and organizational skills of the social enterprises CEDAVES SARL and Piu Piu Awara and of the industry actors;

  • Support the companies to improve the poultry industry;
  • Studies and research to improve the poultry business system.

Sustainable increase of the number of micro, small and medium-sized companies in the poultry industry.

  • Family poultry program;
  • Poultry activities of micro, small and medium enterprises;
  • National and international exchanges and fairs;
  • Training of poultry breeders and entrepreneurs;
  • Digital monitoring system for the collection of production data.

Provide essential services to the industry, in a continuous and sustainable way, through an organized network of actors.

  • Training of the technicians of the General Direction of Livestock of Guinea-Bissau in the poultry area;
  • Health surveillance;
  • Creation of decentralized services through community pharmacies;
  • Strengthening of the Union of Poultry Producers and of the Guinea-Bissau Para-veterinary Association.



09/03/2021 | Ianda Guine! Galinhas: 1st Professional Course in Poultry and Veterinary trained 21 producers and entrepreneurs in poultry farming in Guinea Bissau