The challenge was launched by the SDG Generation project and Patrícia Alves, 20, born in Torres Novas, responded enthusiastically.

After participating in the “SDG Laboratory“, a residential training promoted by the project, which took place in May 2019, aimed at young social transformation agents challenged to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) and Agenda 2030, with an action involving a concrete SDG. 

Patrícia Alves developed her project around SDG 14 – Protecting Marine Life and created the initiative “All that comes to the net is Plastic”, which she designated as “a social project that intends to clean the banks and the Almonda River bed in Torres Novas”. In addition to the practical side of cleaning, the project also has a pedagogical side, since the garbage collected in each cleaning action is exposed in a metal cube in order to show the citizens the garbage collected in the river.

Last Sunday, January 26th, the 4th and last cleaning of the river took place. The previous ones took place in October, November and December. In a committed way, Patrícia Alves had the support of the City Hall of Torres Novas, the Natural Reserve of Paul do Boquilobo, the Scouts of Torres Novas and Riachos, Pedro Triguinho, great friends, volunteers and conscientious citizens.

“Today we are trying to save the river of Torres Novas. After the floods and the ELSA storm, the garbage ended up in these areas and a lot got stuck in the trees. The last cleaning action of my project “All that comes to the net is plastic” with ODS 14 is exactly cleaning the river. And we couldn’t end up in a better way than in the worst area [of the river]. Let’s try to improve a little bit with everyone’s help.”

Patricia adds.

“I thought I’d go back to my hometown, go back to the town where I was born and clean up our heavily polluted river. We tried to get the garbage out of the banks and the one on the surface of the water so that it would not be swallowed by fish and so that even the birds that inhabit the banks would not die from swallowing some residue. The 4 cleaning actions went very well, but they were short, considering what really needs to be done, but it was a very good help. I believe that with all the teams and with all the projects that are being done in this area and, I believe in many others too, in the future we can really change and have a much cleaner river and that the goal is completely fulfilled”.

The SDG Generation project focuses on the importance of awareness about ODS and Agenda 2030. Mobilisation around SDGs is key to ensuring social, economic and environmental transformation and also assumes its role in strengthening solidarity between peoples and promoting an active and full Global Citizenship. More aware citizens of the processes of global interdependence are more awake to the need to act for a decent, inclusive and sustainable Development process.

This project is promoted by Par – Respostas Socais, IMVF and A Reserva, with financing from Camões, I.P.

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