The IMVF joined the Platform Action for Sustainable Development, created in April 2016 and which today consists of more than 3,000 organizations and activists from over 155 countries (about 80% located in the Global South).

The members of the Platform believe in a model that has the planet and people at the center of development. They therefore call for and support a transformative agenda that implements models of production, consumption, trade and investment that use natural resources responsibly and create wealth and distribute it more equitably. They see the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the Paris Agreement on climate change as crucial milestones for a more just and sustainable world in which no one is left behind.

In terms of how it is organised, the platform relies on civil society groups working in the fields of political action and advocacy to influence political decisions on sustainable development.

In terms of mobilisation, it intends to involve around one million active citizens each year to maintain public visibility of the agenda shared by members. It supports groups to monitor and follow up the actions of different governments to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. It also supports good practices and innovative solutions that keep objectives alive at national and global levels, contributing to interactive online mapping and holding seminars and webinars.

As a member of this platform, IMVF has joined hundreds of civil society organizations from around the world in the declaration, Citizen action on Covid-19: Standing together in the face of the global pandemic. An appeal to world political leaders to ensure that measures are taken to respond to the moment of crisis in which we live, in order to build a fairer future for all, taking into account such pressing issues as inequalities, civil rights, women’s rights or climate justice.

Membership of this platform also makes it possible to complement the work done around the pan-European campaigns #ClimateofChange and #GoEAThical and mobilise a wide range of citizens around Sustainable Development.

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