Have you heard about the #ClimateOfChange and #GoEAThical campaigns? Your role is key to spreading the key messages that are connected among themselves in these campaigns and inspire a new generation of climate justice, freedom and equality activists. We invite you to join our pool of activists. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash | Global climate change strike – No Planet B – Global Climate Strike 20-09-2019

This is an appeal directed at you. You have certainly heard a lot about climate change and migration, and perhaps you already have experience in the field on these two issues that are so pressing today, but it is never too much to bring the issue back to the table to discuss it with those who want to do so

We know today that climate change is as real as it is imminent a threat: its causes are known and its consequences are being brought to light at the same pace as today. 

In 2018, among the 28 million people forced to leave their homes and migrate within their own country, 17.2 million did so because of natural disasters (World Migration Report 2020). Besides that, climate emergency, as it worsens, will continue to increase the number of displaced persons and climate refugees year after year. 

What if you were to have to take all your things and run away from where you have always lived because the effects of climate change give you no other choice?

What if you were the one who didn’t have enough food for the next day because heavy rains or extreme drought ruined the next harvest?

What if you were to be persecuted in your home country or have to leave it because of armed conflict?

These are just some examples of extreme situations in which millions of people in the world live. We could mention others, but what we want, above all, is for you to put yourself in the place of the other and reflect on forced displacement, migration, climate change and food production and consumption. We also want to make you aware that, apart from the figures above, it will be the younger generations who suffer from the impact of climate change. 

If you have already reflected on this or want to do so, we want to empower you, give you a voice and listen to your reflections and ideas that have emerged and the ones that will come, and also the solutions you want to propose so that we can work together on complex topics like these. 

As part of the #ClimateOfChange and #GoEAThical campaigns we promote debates, activism academies, conferences and youthlabs to raise awareness and inspire young people by fostering dialogue, civic participation and activism for a better society. 

We also recognize that youth movements have a much greater global dimension than previously created movements and that is why we place in you and those who join you the hope for a just, dignified and sustainable change

To get to know the #ClimateOfChange and #GoEAThical campaigns, we leave you with a brief summary of both. Become an active change agent with them! 


With this campaign, we want to promote knowledge about the relationship between climate change and migration, highlighting the global thematic linkages with the current development model, our economic system and our own lifestyle. Find out more here


With this campaign, we want to ensure the promotion of sustainable attitudes and a change in the behaviour of target groups and final beneficiaries. We will thus involve and empower young people in Europe, using participatory methodologies and approaches to make them key actors in the development and dissemination of campaigns. Find out more here

If you are between 18 and 35 years old, if you identify with our work and would like to collaborate with us in the activities of these campaigns, please fill in this form.

Activists will not be paid. They will have access to training, will be able to participate in events and will have the possibility to create content to mobilize other young people around these current themes.

Practice active listening, mobilize and act!

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