In the 4th WorkLab of the TAS – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs project, which will take place on February 25, between 5pm and 7pm (Lisbon time), through the Zoom platform, the narratives about migration and the media will be presented.

We all know the current narratives about migration, with a particular focus on the negative aspects. How migrants are portrayed by the media has an impact on people. The image created around migrants influences our perception of them, both in public spaces and in social relationships. Therefore it is crucial to discuss this issue and understand whether or not the image conveyed by the media is the most real and reliable.

It is necessary to change the speech and the narrative about migration, as well as to combat the stereotypes associated with migrants and the growth of populist movements in Europe. It is equally important to deconstruct false understandings and work on the reality of facts, figures and testimonies. This analysis must also be done in the media. The fight against false news and sensationalist and incorrect information has never been more relevant.

The (De)Othering project team of the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra and the Belgian NGO Vocal Europe will be in charge of organizing the WorkLab.

The WorkLabs are addressed to all young people aged between 18 and 30 who are committed to promoting social justice and motivated towards social, economic, political and environmental transformation. All young people who want to take an active role in promoting the values of European citizenship and improving the conditions for civic and democratic participation at the European Union level, reiterating the values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combating prejudices towards migrants and minorities are also invited.

Find out more about this WorkLab – Antithesis II. And sign up here.

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