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In the 5th and last WorkLab of the project TAS – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs, which will take place on 28 May, between 5pm and 7pm, through Zoom platform, we will address the (un)sustainable models of migrant work, namely slave labour, and reflect on the role that young people can play in promoting participatory and conscious citizenship within this scope. We will also collect contributions to the document with recommendations on migration policies, to present to European Union policy-makers, at the project’s final event in Brussels.

The WorkLab will be facilitated by Vasco Malta, Head of Mission of IOM Portugal and e Felizmelo Borja, student at the Instituto Politécnico de Beja.

The last WorkLab, like the previous ones, is aimed at all young people between 18 and 30 years old, committed to the promotion of social justice and motivated for social, economic, political and environmental transformation. We also invite all young people who want to take an active role in promoting the values of European citizenship and in improving the conditions for the exercise of civic and democratic participation at European Union level, reiterating the values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combating prejudices related to migrants and minorities. This WorkLab is carried out in conjunction with project GoEAThical – Our Food. Our Future, a campaign to promote fairer, more dignified and sustainable development.

This will be the 5th and last WorkLab of a set of 5 WorkLabs (meetings with debates), which allowed us to analyse narrative, misunderstandings and stereotypes associated with migrants and refugees, xenophobic and discriminatory discourses and anti-immigration propaganda. This analysis allowed us to know and deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes on migration and to debate current national and international migration policies.

Of the young people who participate in all WorkLabs, two will be selected for the final event in Brussels, which will take place in a mixed format, both online and in person. This selection will be made by a jury, based on the following criteria: the understanding (clarity) of the topic, the participation and relevance of the arguments, and the ability to communicate and develop logical reasoning.

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More info about this WorkLab – Synthesis here.

The objective of the project TAS – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs is to support the principles of EU citizenship and to promote an improvement in civic and democratic participation at EU level, reaffirming values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combating stereotypes on migration and minorities.

Let us recall the 4 WorkLabs facilitated by project TAS – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs:

1st WorkLab (2 June 2020) Thesis I: Young people and narratives about migration – analysed and debated the current narratives on migration in Portugal and Europe, and identified the main prejudices and stereotypes about migration and the migrant person;

2nd WorkLab (25 June 2020) Thesis II: Narratives about Migration – analysed the current narratives about migrations;

3th WorkLab (16 November 2020) Antithesis I: Narratives about Migration and how to combat Fake News – presented new narratives about migration;

4th WorkLab (25 February 2021) Antithesis II: Narratives about Migration and the Media – debated and analysed narratives on migration and the media.

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