The European Union celebrates its day today, 9th May.

The European Union and the Member States are together the world’s leading donor of development aid and cooperation. In response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the EU institutions work together and provide funding to meet the challenges associated with the main aspects of sustainable development.

IMVF promotes and seeks to achieve in its activity, and in its extension, the main common objectives with which we fully identify:

  • Eradicate poverty and hunger in all its forms and ensure dignity for all and equal opportunities;
  • Protect present and future generations from environmental destruction and resource depletion;
  • To promote a prosperous and rewarding life in harmony with nature;
  • To contribute to the creation of peaceful, just and inclusive societies;
  • To achieve the objectives of sustainable development through partnerships at local and global levels.


Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IMVF maintains ongoing projects on the ground, incorporating into them the education of the beneficiaries in terms of disease protection. Bearing in mind that IMVF has been carrying out projects in regions with high levels of fragility, we consider it our mission to continue fighting for the creation of better living conditions for the most vulnerable populations, with a particular commitment and strengthening given the impact that the decrease in global economic activity has and will continue to have in the near future in the countries where we operate.

In more concrete terms, IMVF currently has 12 projects funded by the European Union in areas such as Health, Rural Development and Food Security, Civil Society, Migration, Post-Conflict and Humanitarian Action, Environment and Sustainability, Municipalities and Local Authorities and Global Citizenship, in countries such as Guinea-Bissau, Colombia, Gambia, Cape Verde and Portugal, in general in partnership with several European partners and partner states.

Most of the funding for projects implemented by IMVF, in partnership with other Development actors, comes from the European Union – currently, 90% of the project co-financing, for a total of 30,925,000 euros.

Several of the projects financed by the European Union are co-financed and supported by Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language.

A brief description of ongoing projects implemented by IMVF and partners, particularly those with EU co-financing, is given below:

Solidarity remains one of the hallmarks of the European Union’s external action and is rooted in its founding DNA. IMVF is fully committed to pursuing ongoing partnerships with institutions of the European Union and its Member States, including all civil society entities, non-governmental development organisations and others, which pursue the mission of promoting human dignity and supporting the most vulnerable people and entities. As has also been our practice, we continue and will continue to act in partnership with entities in the countries where we work. In this context, the projects we carry out are our practical contribution to the celebration of another day of European integration.



#DiaDaEuropa #EuropeDay

Outstanding picture: ©EU/ECHO/Edward Echwalu | EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid em Arua, Uganda

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